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BioShield antimicrobial technologies are at the heart of all Clinical Fabric Solutions products. The technology integrates pure silver particles creating a permanent barrier that starts killing bacteria on contact, even when dry. This allows textile use over a huge range of applications at prices comparable to non-antimicrobial fabrics.


Silver has long been thought of as having antimicrobial properties and it is commonly incorporated into materials which results in surfaces that have antimicrobial properties.

In order for silver to have any antimicrobial properties, it must be in its ionized form (either as pure silver or, if its inert non-ionized form, through contact with moisture.

BioShield yarns incorporate pure silver which ionises when dry – these ions are lethal to bacteria and other microbes. BioShield has been tested extensively with positive results in all cases.

“When incubated in a dry environment, the BioShield silver incorporated fabric was able to show a 99.98 % (3.8- log) reduction in bacteria after 24 hours incubation. These values pass the EPA acceptance criteria for an antimicrobial surface”

Dr Susanna Sherwin and Prof Bill Keevil, University of Southampton.

Anti-microbial fabric


BioShield incorporates pure silver in low concentrations into the base polymer of synthetic yarns. This means it cannot leach out and cause pollution during washing.

Additionally, due to the self-sanitising effects of the fabrics, they only need to be washed to remove soiling. This can effectively be done at 30 or 40°C – much lower than the currently required 65°C. This reduction in wash temperatures slashes energy requirements thus significantly reducing the carbon footprint of the fabric over its lifetime.

Environmentally Friendly


BioShield is shown to remain 99%+ effective after 100 washes.

Unlike topical solutions and coated versions, BioShield’s antimicrobial protection comes from within the fibres and yarns themselves – so washing and treating with industrial detergents, bleaches and other compounds has no detrimental effect.

Additionally, washing at lower temperatures is possible whilst still achieving a full disinfection which is significantly less wearing on the yarns and thus extends the life of the garments or linen into which it is incorporated.



BioShield is highly cost effective. The fibres can be incorporated into the final fabric in concentrations of between 3% and 10% which means that the added cost is minimal.
Lowering the wash temperature of a wash by 10°C will save you as much as 40% off your energy costs.

Also because of the lower wash temperatures, BioShield fabrics are more durable and will last longer – reducing costs further.



This revolutionary technology provides a platform by which man made yarns and fibres are manufactured with the BioShield compound embedded into the base polymers of polyester, polypropylene or Nylon.

It looks and feels like ordinary yarn and fibre but can be used by manufacturers in exactly the same way as standard untreated yarns – there are no wash-in requirements, and therefore no effluent control issues – the compound is embedded within the yarns and fibres so, unlike coated options, there are no machine running issues – and because pure silver is such an effective antimicrobial only very small amounts are required to render products hygienic.

Innovative & Unique


The team at Clinical Fabric Solutions are on hand to answer any of your queries and provide samples. Now you can achieve exceptional hygiene standards in your linen and apparel whilst also achieving significant cost savings.

Enquiries are welcome from all end users, existing manufacturers and distributors of clothing and linen as well as industrial laundry companies.

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