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Improved hygiene, real cost savings

Clinical Fabric Solutions offers hospitality businesses the opportunity to make real strides forward in the hygiene standards of the linen used in restaurant, bar and hotel settings. This covers everything, including:

  • Napkins,
  • Table cloths,
  • Bar cloths,
  • Bedding,
  • Towels and
  • Uniforms.

Cost effective fabric solutions

BioShield has been developed to provide an effective anti-microbial barrier at little or no extra cost to the end user. This means you can enjoy all the benefits associated with your current linen and uniform supplies whilst adding the benefits of improved hygiene.


Reduced washing temperatures

All items supplied by Clinical Fabric Solutions can be washed at 30°C to remove soiling and, due to the self-sanitising action of the BioShield yarns, you will also achieve a 100% disinfection of the fabric – reducing risks of infections and eliminating odours.

Turning the dial down on your washing machines will slash your energy consumption.

Detergent manufacturers say a cooler wash is kinder to your clothes, reducing colour loss and fabric damage. Turning to 30°C from even a 40°C wash will reduce energy consumption by around 40% but will fail to kill bacteria.

BioShield provides you with the bacterial barrier you need to turn the dial down with confidence and cut your costs.


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